The Appropriate Tires For Different Weather Conditions

There are many different weather conditions in the different regions, countries and Continents. If we talk about the west part of Canada there is always cold. The same is in Alaska; the whole year it is snowy and icy. If we are to look at Africa or Miami, Florida and California in the United States, then we are on the way to find warm and hot weather twelve months of the year. We can also examine places like the tropics or others that content all four seasons.

However, when we are going on a trip to one of these interesting areas with a car, or we just live there, we must think how to fit in those weather conditions. That includes diagnostic and repair of the car. The most important service you should perform on your car is to change the tires, if there is a need to do so. If you are going to visit a place where the season is different from the one in your country, you need to put the proper tires. Indeed, there are three basic types of tires: all season, summer and winter tires. The first ones are used for the whole year, but only when the weather is not snowy or icy. That means you can use them when it is warm or wet, or especially in regions without winter. As you can see from the name, the second kind is only for the summer. They are made of hard compounds, because their usage is especially for very hot weather. Moreover, this hard consistence prevents the easy erasing of their tread. The third type is only for the winter. The material that is used for their construction is soft, because it is necessary that they have excellent traction when it is snowy or icy. The cohesion with the road is superb and provides stability while driving.

It seems that the summer tires are the excellent manner to achieve better performance in seasons with very high temperature. In spite of that, in my point of view the best way of saving money and time is to use all season tires when it is hot or wet. After that when the snow start falling you need to put the winter tires. For me this is the perfect mix. Furthermore, the all season tires have the same performance and good qualities like the summer ones: splendid cohesion, normal rubbing and enough solid grips. As the winter tires are the only ones that we can be used when it is cold, we don’t have problems with them. One example of where you can use this combination is Romania.